miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

She really completes me.

I DO know her, I think I know her more than what I know myself.
And maybe.. the key is in how she exprresses herself, i think she should open her mind more to her friends, and tell them what's going on in this tiny girl, what's going on in this gorgeous heart, and not being scared.
I think she should destroy those walls she creates, so that nobody can hurt her, but I think the only way she can learn, is not creating them.
She has to be hurt once or twice, the times it's neccesary, for her to learn what's the best thing.
If she did that, the people that wants to hurt her will hurt her BUT with the time, she'll learn that, the only people that can hurt her, is the one she cares for, and the people she cares for, also cares for her ( I include myself) and I don't wanna hurt her.
Despite those thing, just wanting to remind you, cause all of this, it's being written to you, not to "her" that I really appreciate you and I love you till death. Cause maybe we've had our up's and down's but the times together are always amazing. Just wanted to remind ya , the type of person you are, thay maybe not everybody have had the pleassure to met, But I did, and yea, I was really imppressed .
And for last, the last remind, is that you don't have to feel blue for ANYTHING. I'll be just standing back at you when you're falling, just to pick you up, and tell you, right swetie, you nearly fell, beware, don't make the same mistake once again.

This is from a person, who really loves ya and who doesn't wanna see you sad

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